Pivotell Dispensers

ILS   July 10, 2019 9:19am

Hi, I'm interested to know if anybody is using the YOURmeds blister pack system for medication dispensing. Here in Manchester we have been using the Pivotell system with full 24/7 response and back up. We review the citizen every week and deliver pre filled insert trays. The system also has a SIM card insert that sends us text notifications when medication has not been taken. The service has 130 citizens on saving an average of £3500 per person per year on reduced care visits, it is also achieving 98% compliance.

Manchester commissioning have deemed Pivotell dispensers "unsafe" after strong influence from the Local Pharmaceutical Committee and as such have began removing the devices and replacing them with YOURmeds, even after assessment shows the blister pack system is not suitable for someone who has a Dementia related illness or has been referred for safeguarding due to to risk of overdose.

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